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Moving to Denmark

Below, please find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions addressed to the Embassy about moving to Denmark.

Will I need a visa or a work permit to move to Denmark?

For information about nationals who require a visa for Denmark, please click here.

I want to work in Denmark. Where will I find a job?

Information about work in Denmark for international work seekers can be found on the official Danish website for international recruitment

Where do I find information about the Danish education system and international schools in Denmark?

The Danish Ministry of Children and Education has compiled an overview of the structure of the Danish education system and a list of international basic schools in Denmark.

Where will I find more information?

Relevant information about moving to Denmark can be found on the following websites:

  • The Danish Immigration Service's official portal for foreigners and immigration. Here, you will find information about visa, asylum, family reunification, work, education opportunities and news on the latest legislation.
  • Denmark's official website developed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, you will find information about the Danish society, culture and lifestyle as well as tips and videos about Denmark and the Danes.
  • The official guide to higher education in Denmark. Here, you will find information about the benefits of studying in Denmark and the various education opportunities in the country.
  • The official Danish website for international recruitment developed by The Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment. Here, you will find information about how and where to apply for a job, information about tax regulations and other relevant issues.
  • Moving to Denmark? Here is the ultimate guide to unemployment insurance in Denmark everything you need to know before moving.