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Danish by Birth


Dual/multiple nationality, if obtained automatically at birth, has always been accepted by Denmark.

However,  a new Danish law about dual/multiple nationality has come into force on 1st September 2015. This means that  Danish nationals will now be able to apply for another nationality/further nationalities without losing their Danish citizenship. Those persons who have already lost their Danish nationality will be able to apply to regain it during a 5-year period from 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2020.

Please see the information about dual/multiple nationality.

Your child may also have acquired British nationality at birth British nationality

As a general rule, Danish nationals born abroad will have to apply for retention of Danish nationality before the age of 22.

Children born to a Danish mother and a foreign father in wedlock between 1st January 1961 and 1st January 1979 may apply for naturalisation according to the “Princess Rule".

If you have acquired Danish nationality by birth, by the time of your parents' marriage or by adoption, you can apply for a confirmation (certificate) of your Danish nationality. Please follow the link to UIM's website, where you can find the application form and payment details: Bevis for erhvervelse af dansk statsborgerskab