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Official Documents

Where can I get a copy of my Danish Birth or Marriage Certificate?

From the church in the parish where your birth/marriage was registered. Call the relevant municipality (kommune) and ask for the church office. Addresses and telephone numbers can be found on (Danish only).

Alternatively, you can look up contact details for the relevant parish on (Danish only). The person responsible for supplying copies of Birth/Marriage Certificates is the Parish Registrar (kirkebogsfører). Because of Danish regulations the new certificate cannot be forwarded directly to you, but must be forwarded to the Embassy. It can then be collected from the Embassy's Passport Office at the following times:

Monday & Tuesday 9.30 - 12.00
Friday 10.00 - 12.00

The fee is £27.00 per certificate. If you are collecting more than one certificate in the same name/family you will only be charged £27.00.

Please bring photo ID. 


Where can I get a copy of my Danish Separation/Divorce Decree?

From the local government office (statsforvaltning) or the court (domstol) where the decree was issued.

Find addresses and telephone numbers on (Danish only) or


Where can I get a letter of no impediment (ægteskabsattest)?

  • If you are a Danish national:
    From your last municipality (kommune) of residence in Denmark – please see, where you can find the contact information on the relevant municipality by using the search function.
  • If you are a British national:
    From the local register office –
  • I you are a national of another country:
    Please ask your embassy.