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Please be aware that MitID replaced NemID on the 30th of June 2023


You can obtain MitID if:

  • You have a Danish CPR number
  • You have reached the age of 15
  • You are able to meet the ID requirements.

You do not need to be a Danish national. You can obtain MitID if you have a CPR number and valid ID. 

There are several ways to obtain MitID. You can:

  • Obtain MitID (in person) via citizen services in Denmark
  • Order MitID online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver's licence)

You can read more about MitID here.

Now it has become easier to get a MitID if you are a Dane and live abroad or if you are a foreigner and have a connection to Denmark.

In June 2022, a new function in the MitID app made it possible to create a MitID directly in the MitID app if you had a valid Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese passport. The function has been updated so you can also use foreign passports or ID cards with a chip to create MitID directly in the app. Please see the following link.

Consequently, it should be easier to create a MitID if you live abroad, need a MitID, but do not have a valid Danish passport.

All you will need is a valid passport/ID card and access to a phone that can scan the chip: an iPhone 7 or above or a newer Android phone.

Read more about passport/ID card requirements here