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Change of Name

If you live outside Denmark and wish to change your name, please follow the guidelines below. Danish authorities require an official legalised document confirming the change of name in order for you to update your information in your local civil register (Folkeregisteret) and to apply for a Danish passport in your new name. 

If you have married in Denmark and your new surname appears on the Marriage Certificate you do not need to get a Deed Poll.

  1. In order to officially change your name you should contact a solicitor or Notary Public. You can also use an online Deed Poll Service. However, please note that if you use the online service the Deed Poll will need to be certified by a solicitor or Notary Public before it can be legalised by the FCDO Legalisation Office. Please see the official UK Government Information here.There are many legal firms who can provide a deed poll service. These can be found on the Internet. The UK Deed Poll Service also provides this service.
  2. All changes of name obtained in the UK must be legalised by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office's Legalisation Department.

  3. Once you have changed your name in the UK, you must inform the Danish Civil Register (Folkeregisteret) in the area where you used to live (sidste bopælskommune). You will then be able to apply for a passport in your new name.

For further information on how to apply for a new passport and what documents to bring please see the section Passports.