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Danish Embassy Art Prize - FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the art prize

What are the key dates for Danish Embassy Art Prize 2020?

Open to applications: 1 December 2019

Closing deadline for applications: 20 January 2020

Installation completed by artist and opening reception at The Royal Danish Embassy, London: March/April 2020 (date tbc).

What is the Danish Embassy Art Prize?

The Danish Embassy Art Prize is a unique opportunity for talented and upcoming artists and arts students. By participating in the Embassy Art Prize, the artwork submitted will be reviewed by highly skilled professionals from across the industry and the winning artworks will be heavily promoted in the cultural circles of London. Furthermore, the artist will be able to have his or her works displayed in one of the embassy's main meeting rooms, sparking interest from many international visitors. 

The recipient of the prize will also receive 10,000 DKK towards the materials, installation and transport costs of their exhibition. The Embassy Art Prize has been an annual art event for Danish arts students and graduates since 2009.

Who is eligible to enter the Danish Embassy Art Prize?

The Danish Embassy Art Prize is open to BA and MA students from Denmark studying at or recently graduated from UK-based art programmes (up to 24 months following graduation).

How much does it cost to enter?

There is no entry fee for participating in the Danish Embassy Art Prize.

Do I retain the rights to my work?

Yes. All entrants retain the ownership and copyright of all work submitted.

Can I submit work that has been previously exhibited elsewhere?

Yes. Entries can be sent that have been previously shown elsewhere.

How much promotion will take place?

The recipient of the prize will be announced and promoted on Facebook, Twitter and in the Embassy’s monthly cultural newsletter. Furthermore, the recipient will be listed on the Embassy webpage along with previous recipients. In addition to the extensive online promotion, physical promotion will also take place at the embassy following the private reception. 

The artist can exhibit the works for a year in one of the most used conference rooms in the embassy, resulting in wide exposure. A pamphlet about the artist and their will be readily available in close proximity to the artworks.

Can I change my entry once it has been submitted?

Alterations cannot be made to submissions once they have been received.

Can I receive the dimensions of the exhibition space?

For more information about the size and dimensions of the exhibition space, contact Lone Britt Christensen, Cultural Attaché: [email protected]

What type of artwork can be submitted?

Only wall mountable artwork will be taken into consideration, i.e. paintings, graphic arts, photography, or alternatively reliefs and wall sculptures.

How do I enter the Danish Embassy Art Prize?

Complete the Application Form along with images of selected artworks (max. 10 images) and/or supporting sketches and a copy of your CV. The Application Form and CV must all be combined into one PDF file, and the images and/or sketches can be sent by sharing a Dropbox or a Google Drive link. The PDF along with the link must be sent in an e-mail to Ms Lone Britt Christensen, Cultural Attaché, Royal Danish Embassy, London, [email protected] clearly marked “Danish Embassy Art Prize”.

Have further questions?

Ask Ms Lone Britt Christensen, Cultural Attaché, Royal Danish Embassy, London: [email protected]