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Deep Tech muligheder i Storbritannien og Irland

The headquarters of most major tech companies are based outside of Europe, with the west coast of the US as the primary hub. This places Danish tech start-ups who seeks co-operation with major established players at a disadvantage due to the geographical distance, time zone and to some extent cultural differences.

The Trade Council in the UK and Ireland conducted this deep tech project to verify whether there is an opportunity for future collaboration with these international players at their European headquarters in Dublin, London or Cambridge. Our criteria throughout have been whether the European headquarter has research/tech scouting/corporate venture activities locally as well as an interest in interacting and potentially co-operating with the Danish start-ups and spinouts.


33 potentially relevant major tech companies with R&D functions were identified in the UK and Ireland. The Trade Council has been in contact with several key decision makers of these tech companies, and been in dialogue with Danish clusters and incubators to zoom in on the Danish priorities. From our conversations, we feel confident that it would be worthwhile to establish this new bridge and kick off the project in 2021 in Ireland and the UK.


When COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, the Trade Council in UK and Ireland will launch a specific activity for Danish deep-tech start-ups to visit and interact with some of the identified tech companies. 
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If this is of any interest, please email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] for more information about the upcoming activity.