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The Liveable City - London 2019

The Liveable City conference in London 18-20 June, 2019

Liveable City 2019

A celebration of architecture and urban planning

More and more people live in ever-larger cities around the world. It creates a host of challenges, and it has put the question of how to create liveable cities for all on top of the international agenda.

To help further the discussion, the Danish Embassy in UK organises The Liveable City conference in
partnership with leading UK stakeholders. Denmark has a long tradition of creating beautiful cities with healthy residents and a high quality of living, and The Liveable City conference will be a celebration of great achievements in architecture and urban planning.

The Danish Embassy in the UK invites businesses, politicians, professionals and the general public to take part in the conference’s many talks, seminars and debates. With this Danish-British dialogue, we aim at inspiring each other to find new ways in which our cities can become better places in which to live, work and play.

Mennesker til seminar  Mennesker til seminar

It is all about liveability

The many inspirational events will cover different topics with an interest in creating sustainable and thriving communities. We have listed a few of the subjects below, and we hope to see you at the conference in June.

Masterplanning and Urban Regeneration

- Putting people first

We all want to create liveable cities in which people thrive and prosper, but how? The Liveable City’s opening seminar focuses on the political process of moving from masterplan visions to action, bringing in experiences from recent years where cities around the world have undergone a remarkable transformation.

Tall buildings

- Reaching new heights

In Scandinavia, the discussion of tall buildings is no longer limited to whether, but how they can contribute to a viable and sustainable urban growth. Often undiscussed is the role innovations in building technologies could play in the creation of our high-rises. This seminar will aim to alleviate that.   


- Room for creativity and happiness

We know that great workspaces enable great productivity, but in the excitement of designing, developing and delivering these places we must never forget the people who work in them. In this seminar, best practices from both Denmark and UK will be presented, and new approaches to workspace will be discussed.

University campusses

- A catalyst for growth

How do we best integrate university campuses in cities and make them a key driver in development, growth and regeneration? That is a key question for a sector undergoing significant change. This seminar will look at the best practices from Denmark and the UK while looking ahead to the university campus of the future.  



For more information or if you are interested in the conference please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rasmus Leth Traberg:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7333 0232



Rasmus Leth Traberg
Tel: +44 (0)20 7333 0232