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The Liveable City - a Danish-British dialogue

The Liveable City is a biannual city conference organised by the Danish Embassy in London about how we create cities that are better places to live, work and play. 

Photos by: Luke O'Donovan

More and more people live in ever larger cities around the world. It creates a host of challenges, and it has put the question of how to create liveable cities for all on top of the international agenda. To help further the discussion, the Danish Embassy in UK organises The Liveable City conference in partnership with leading UK stakeholders including central and local government.

The conference has so far been hosted in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh. 

Denmark has a long tradition of creating beautiful cities with healthy residents and a high quality of living, and The Liveable City conference looks at best practice within:

  • Masterplanning and Architecture
  • Housing
  • Smart City
  • Urban Mobility and sustainable transport
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Green Buildings
  • Clean Air

The aim of the conference is to share best practice and provide the latest insight into how Denmark and UK can inspire each other to create better cities.

The next Liveable City conference will take place in London, contact Senior Advisor Rasmus Leth Traberg +44 (0)2073 33 0232 for more information.



For more information contact:

Senior Advisor Rasmus Leth Traberg 

+44 (0)2073 33 0232