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Market Briefing: District Heating for Social Housing

The District Heating For Social Housing Market Briefing took place on Thursday 17 December 2020.

At the briefing – The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy gave an overview of the market and its development. Furthermore, Clairon Housing Association spoke about their experiences of working with district heating. Finally, the embassy will presented its program of activities within district heating in 2021.

Download Dept. for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy's (BEIS) presentation here
Download Clairon Housing Association's presentation here

Heat Network Activities for 2021

Launch of Network for Danish companies interested in the UK market. Mix of market information, early warning on projects and joint meetings with ESCO’s, Social Housing providers and Energy Companies.

In collaboration with the Danish Board of District Heating event focused on South East England.

District Heating event with Belfast City Council in Belfast (week commencing 21 June).

District heating event in Glasgow focused on opportunities in the Scottish market. In connection with the All Energy show from 18-19 August.

Focus on District Heating innovation in connection with the International Symposium on DHC, which takes place from 6-9 September in Nottingham.

Mentor-program in collaboration with the Danish Board of District Heating.

Rasmus Leth Traberg
Sector expert
Tel: +44 (0)20 7333 0232