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Presentation of the Danish Robotics Cluster

Denmark ranks amongst the leading nations within robotics and automation and is currently the world’s fastest growing exporter of collaborative robots. In addition, the Danish Robotics cluster have grown out of nowhere 30 years ago to now being one of Europe’s leading robotics clusters.

The basis for Denmark’s rapid growth in robotics has been a focus on small cost-effective robots that are easy to programme and can be introduced into existing production settings even with flexible small-batch producers.

The future reduction in migrant labour and a below-average ratio in robots to production workers have undoubtedly positioned the UK as a major beneficiary of the next wave of robotics. These factors are among the causalities for enhancing the trade relationship between Denmark and the UK. 
In January 2021, the Embassy hosted a webinar where Mikkel Christoffersen, Cluster Director at Odense Robotics initially emphasized on Denmark’s growing robotics industry and the impressive possibilities of robots in production settings. Afterwards, Dr. James Law, Acting Director at Sheffield Robotics addressed the potential of collaborative robots in the UK. Also, three of the leading Danish robot manufactures; Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and OnRobot showcased the exciting capabilities of their robots. 

Click on the following link to get the recordings of the webinar.


  • Mikkel Christoffersen, Cluster Director, Odense Robotics
  • Dr James Law, Acting Director / Director of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, Sheffield Robotics
  • Mark Gray, Sales Manager UK & Ireland, Universal Robots (UK) LTD
  • Jakob Møhl Bebe, Sales Director Scandinavia UK & Ireland, Mobile Industrial Robots
  • Vikram Kumar, General Manager EMEA, OnRobot

For more information, please contact:

Per Andersen