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The Trade Council of the Royal Danish Embassy in London

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In the Trade Council we aim at:

  • Customising our consultancy according to the companies’ individual needs.
  • Offering complete and all-round consultancy. The Trade Council's three key areas are export promotion, investment promotion and trade policy. We continually aim at creating synergy between them.
  • Offering competent and result oriented consultancy.
  • Exploiting the many competences and channels of influence embedded in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this way we open doors to decision makers both at home and on the international markets.
  • Using our global network of representations on all-important markets to help companies exploit their export potential.

We help Danish companies become increasingly competitive and attract foreign investments to Denmark. The aim is to ensure that Denmark continues to derive maximum benefit from globalization. Our growth and welfare is dependent thereof.

The Danish enterprises must focus on innovation, development and sale of products that have high knowledge content, and on exploiting the international division of labour.

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The Trade Council's office hours are Mon-Thu 9:00-16:30 and Fri 9:00-16:00.

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