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The Communication, Culture and Public Diplomacy Section works to promote Danish arts and culture in the United Kingdom as well as facilitate direct cultural exchanges and projects between Danish and UK artists, cultural institutions and stakeholders.

Our goal is to ensure the highest possible quality and best visibility for Danish arts and artists, including securing the right partnerships with British cultural institutions, artistic collaborators and stakeholders. 

Embassy Art Prize: An annual art competition for Danish art students in Britain, giving the winner the possibility of exhibiting at the Embassy in London.

While Danish and British connections go back to King Cnut and beyond, recent years have seen a surge in the cultural collaborations between the two countries. From Susanne Bier directing BBC1 prime time drama and BIG Architects designing the Serpentine Pavilion to a British CEO in charge of Aarhus, European Capital of Europe 2017, the mutual inspirations and cultural exchanges across the North Sea are stronger than ever.

The cast of Danish television series "1864" on stage during the Nordicana Festival.