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Where to Apply and Visa Application Form

Introduction of Biometrics

Biometrics were introduced on 20th November 2015 and all applicants must give their biometrics (digital photo and fingerprints) when applying for a visa. Children under 12 (12 years minus 1 day) are not required to give fingerprints.

It is not mandatory to give fingerprints within 59 months of having provided fingerprints for a previous application. Refusing to give fingerprints again will not have any negative effect on the visa application. However, if the previous fingerprints were not registered properly, the applicant must attend a Visa Application Centre again.

Storage of biometrics

Where to Apply for a Schengen Visa

NEW ONLINE VISA APPLICATION: From the 1st of July 2019, you should fill in your visa application and pay the application fee online using After you have applied and paid the visa fee online, you must print and sign the cover letter from ApplyVisa and hand in supporting documents and supply biometrics at the Visa Application Centre VFS Global.

The Embassy of Denmark has appointed VF Services (UK) Ltd. in London, Manchester and Edinburgh for Schengen visa applications for stays in Denmark of up to 90 days for applicants with a UK residence permit.

The service focuses on delivering visas within a short time (15 days calculated from the date the Embassy receives the application). Please note that for applications handed in in Manchester or Edinburgh this date is usually 3-4 working days after the application date. Applications handed in in London are usually received at the Embassy the next working day. A non-refundable fee will be charged for the service provided by VFS in addition to the visa fee.

The centres in London, Manchester and Edinburgh manage scheduling of appointments for submission of supporting documents and supplying biometrics(appointment necessary). For more information including the location of the application centres please visit the website of VFS Global . From the month of October to March the Embassy is very busy, and appointments (in particular for Iceland) are fully booked quickly. The release of new appointments is staggered, as they would otherwise all be booked up immediately resulting in longer waiting times. You may therefore experience a shortage of appointments at certain times until new ones are released,  and you may have to wait several weeks for an available appointment. It is therefore advisable that you book an appointment before you finalise your flight and hotel bookings. If you are travelling to Denmark and are unable to obtain an appointment before your departure date, please write to the Embassy at the following address:

VFS Helpline: - 0871 376 2101 from 08.30-17.30 hrs (Mon- Fri)


VFS, the Embassy's outsourcing partner, accepts visa applications for business/conference visits and from family members of EU/EEA nationals at all three centres without an appointment  Monday - Friday 8.30 - 12.00. Please note that all applications submitted at the visa centre will incur a mandatory service charge (currently ¬£25.69 - subject to change). Family members of EU nationals may also contact the Embassy direct by e-mail: to request an appointment. Please include a daytime contact telephone number. There is, however, some waiting time for an appointment at the Embassy.

You can apply up to 3 months before you travel.

If you are not resident in the UK (i.e. holding a C-visit visa) you should apply through the Danish mission in your country of residence, but you may apply at a Danish mission outside your country of residence, if you have a valid reason for not having applied there (f.ex. no Danish mission or you were not able to apply because there were more than 3 months until you were travelling) or a new urgent situation has arisen during your stay in the UK (f.ex. new business trip, death or serious illness of a relative). Please contact the Embassy by email if you are not certain whether you can apply in the UK.

If you want to visit one Schengen country, apply for a visa at the Embassy or Consulate of that country.

If you want to visit several Schengen countries, apply at the Embassy or Consulate inf the country of your main destination  or the country where you intend to stay for the longest period of time.

If you intend to visit several Schengen countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country of your first port of entry.


In an emergency, such as the death or serious illness of a relative, please contact the Embassy for further information (contact details on the website "Contact Us"). A supporting letter from an undertaker or a hospital is required.

Error in issued visa

If you find an error in the visa issued to you, please contact the Embassy by email straight away The Embassy can then arrange for you to return the passport by post and a new visa will be issued to you.

Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports

Applicants holding a diplomatic or service passport must also give their biometrics (digital photo and fingerprints). It is therefore necessary for the applicant to appear in person at the Embassy. Please contact the Embassy to make an appointment (appointments are only available to holders of diplomatic or service passports and cannot be extended to family members of these holding ordinary passports).


2. Application Form

A link to the Schengen Visa Form can be found below:

visa application form

Please pay particular attention to the signatures on page 3 of the application form: Boxes 36 & 37 plus all the rest of the boxes on page 3 must be signed by the applicant.

Note for Applicants Married to Danish citizens

Although the Visa Application Form states that "The questions marked with * do not have to be answered by family members of EU or EEA citizens" this does not apply to applicants who are married to Danish citizens. If you are married to a Danish citizen you must fill in these sections.