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Family members of UK, EU or EEA Nationals


Family Members of EU nationals exercising Treaty Rights in another EU country and EEA Nationals:

Family members are:

The direct descendants (children) who are under the age of 21 or are dependants, and those of the spouse or partner.

The dependant direct relatives in the ascending line (e.g. parents) and those of the spouse or partner.

If you can answer YES to ALL of the following three questions, you may apply for a visa (free of charge) under the EU regulation:
1. Are you a family member to an EU/EEA citizen?
2. Is your UK residence permit CURRENTLY based on an EU/EEA citizen?
3. Are you travelling to JOIN an EU/EEA citizen exercising their treaty right?

For further information of how to apply for a visa under the EU regulations click here.


Please check the title on your UK residence card/sticker to establish whether you hold a "Residence Permit" or "Residence Documentation/Card". THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AND DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS APPLY.

If you hold a Residence Documentation sticker or a plastic Residence Card  as a family member of an EU national  according to Article 5, cf. Article 10 of EU Directive 38/2004, you do not need a visa for travel to Denmark/Iceland, if  you are accompanied by the EU national who you depend on. 

Please note that UK nationals living and working in the UK do not exercise Treaty Rights until they leave and travel to another EU country. It is therefore only possible for the Embassy to issue a single entry visa.

The permanent stay Residence Documentation sticker or plastic Residence Card is also
valid for visa free travel to Denmark/Iceland:



If you are travelling to another EU country other than Denmark or Iceland you should check with that country's embassy in the UK whether they also accept you as being visa exempt.

Please note that if you are now a family member of an EU national, but have an older UK residence permit, which is not based on the EU national you depend on (for example a work, study or exceptional leave permit) you are not able to apply for a visa under the EU rules.

It is advisable to print this page and to present it together with your letter from UK Border Agency regarding your Residence Documentation/Card and proof of your relationship with the EU national to the airline at the point of departure or Danish/Icelandic Border Control on entry into Denmark/Iceland in case of problems.



EU law continues to fully apply to and in the UK until the time of its actual withdrawal from the Union.

The UK set up its Settled Status scheme in view of anticipating the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement or the no deal scenario. This scheme is currently a voluntary scheme running in addition to UK rules enacting EU law on free movement of EU citizens.

Contrary to residence cards issued in accordance with the Free Movement Directive, the residence documents issued under the UK’s Settled Status scheme do not exempt from the visa requirement.

Third country nationals who are subject to a visa requirement and who only hold a residence document issued under the UK’s Settled Status scheme must apply for an entry visa when travelling to another EU member State.


Applications from family members of EU nationals are prioritized and processed faster. Please note that some nationals are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries, before a visa can be issued. The consultation takes around 8-10 days. Please see  the list of countries.

Please see further information about where to apply: where to apply for a Schengen visa