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Passport FAQ

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How do I renew my Danish passport?

For more information on the passport application procedure, please click here.

How do I apply for my child’s first passport?

For more information and application procedure on passports for Under 18s, please click here.

I have changed my name, how do I apply for a passport in my new name?

You should first read the information on the Embassy’s website about changing your name:

Once you have the required documentation for your new name you can apply for a passport:

Why does a passport for a child cost the same as for an adult?

The passport fees applied at Danish missions abroad are decided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and are regulated once a year. The passport fees are the same for all passports categories.

I was born outside Denmark and I am now approaching my 21st birthday.

Yes, but the validity will only be until your 22nd birthday as you must first apply to retain your Danish nationality beyond age 22.

For more information, please see the passport FAQ tab here: the 22-year rule

Once you have received your Certificate of Danish Nationality from the Ministry of Justice in Denmark you can apply for a full 10-year passport.

Please note that applications for retention of Danish nationality take 6-8 months to process.

Where can I find the passport application form and guidelines?

The application form can be downloaded from the Embassy’s website where you will also find the application guidelines:

Do both parents need to be present to apply for a passport for a child?

Both parents must fill in and sign the consent section on page 3  (Please see the website if one parent has sole custody/parental responsibility or if one parent does not live in the UK.) At least one parent should be present at the Embassy.

Can I keep my or my child's existing passport until the new one is ready?

You can keep the existing passport until the new one is ready. If you choose to keep it you must hand in or send it to the Embassy before the new passport can be collected or sent to you.

Can my child have dual nationality and two passports at the same time?

Children born before 1st September 2015: Denmark accepts dual nationality if both nationalities were acquired automatically at birth. It is possible to hold passports for both nationalities at the same time.

Children born after 1st September 2015: Due to the new law on dual/multiple nationality, which came into force on 1st September 2015,  Danish nationals will no longer lose Danish nationality if they apply for further nationalities.

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