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Driving Licences

Due to changes in the law, it is no longer possible for Danish nationals who have residence in the UK  to either apply for a Danish duplicate driving licence or to have the existing one changed to the new credit-card-type EU model.
In both cases you must obtain a British Driving Licence.

Application forms for a British Driving Licence can be obtained from a Post Office or can be downloaded from the website of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Lost Danish Driving Licences / Procedure for Obtaining a British Driving Licence

If you have lost your Danish Driving Licence and you are resident in the UK you will have to obtain a British Driving Licence.

As you have no driving licence to exchange you must enclose a Declaration of Driving Rights in English with your application.

This Declaration can be obtained in English from the Police in Denmark by forwarding a signed request to:

Pas & Kørekort
Polititorvet 14
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Fax 0045 4515 0176

You should enclose the following with your request to Rigspolitiet:

  1. Receipt from the local police stating that your licence has been reported lost
  2. A letter stating  where, when and how it was lost
  3. A copy of your passport

This service is free of charge.

Your application for a British Driving Licence, together with the relevant documents, should then be sent to: Driver & Vehicle LIcensing Agency (DVLA), Swansea in a Special Delivery envelope (available from the Post Office). A self-addressed Special Delivery envelope should be enclosed for the safe return of your documents. You may instead choose to apply in person through a local DVLA Office (see leaflet with application form for further details).

For further information please contact DVLA, Swansea (full address on application form).

Tel: 0300 790 6801