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Passports for Under 18s

Biometric passports

On 1 January 2012, Denmark introduced biometric passports (digital photo, signature and fingerprints). In the UK this means that all passport applicants over the age of 12 must apply for a Danish passport at the Embassy in London, in Denmark (Borgerservicecentre), or another Danish mission abroad (not Consulates/Vice-Consulates). 

Children under 12 can apply for a new passport either at the Embassy, a Consulate/Vice-Consulate, in Denmark (Borgerservicecentre) or another Danish mission abroad.

List of Consulates/Vice-Consulates 

Applications must be submitted in person (regardless of age)

The Embassy will take a digital photograph of children over the age of 3. For children under 3, please bring a passport photo: Requirements for passport photos. Fingerprints are collected from children from the age of 12 and a digital signature from the age of 5.

Passports for children aged 0-2 are valid for 2 years
Passports for children aged 2-18 are valid for 5 years.

Please be advised that if your child has a Danish CPR-number and is therefore registered in the CPR-Register, he/she must be registered as a Danish citizen. If he/she is registered with another nationality, you will not be able to apply for a new passport and will have to contact the “Folkeregister” in the municipality where you lived last or where the registration/christening took place. Please note that a CPR-number is not a requirement and it is still possible to apply for a passport without one.


Required documentation


  1. One Application Form per child, completed and signed on page 2 by a parent. Please download the Application Form here.

  2. Current passport. 

  3. The original Birth Certificate (both parents' names must appear on the Certificate).
    Please note that some documents may need legalising: Recognition of foreign certificates
  4. Both parents must fill in and sign the consent section on page 3  (Please see below if one parent has sole custody/parental responsibility or if one parent does not live in the UK.) It is preferable that both parents are present when applying for their child(ren)'s passport(s) at the Embassy.
  5. Both parents' original passports or driving licences for verification of signatures.

 6.  For children born outside Denmark before 1st July 
      2014 where the father is Danish and the mother is not: 
      Original Marriage Certificate.
Please note that some documents may need legalising: Recognition of foreign certificates

 7.  If the child is under the age of 3: Please bring a passport
      photo as it is difficult for the Passport Office to take
      photos of small children.

 8.  If the child or its Danish parent/parents did not acquire Danish nationality at birth
     or the Danish parent was born outside Denmark:
      Original Certificate of Danish Nationality
 9.  If the child has changed his/her name after the current
      passport was issued:
      original documentation of the name change. Please click
      here to find more information about Change of Name.   


Please note that the Embassy has the right to ask for further ID, documents or parental consent, if necessary. If requested to provide further information or documents you must make sure that this is received by the Embassy within 30 days of the date of application, as the application information in the passport system will otherwise be cancelled automatically after this period. A new application will then have to be made and the fee paid again.

Fee: £121.00 debit & credit cards (Embassy only. If you are not applying through the Embassy please enquire at the Consulate about payment options).

Regarding the consent form

According to Danish law, both parents must give their consent every time they apply for a Danish passport for their child until he/she reaches the age of 18, unless one parent has acquired sole custody/parental responsibility. Documentation confirming this must be produced, such as Danish Separation/Divorce papers, an English/Scottish Court Order or a Death Certificate. Please note that the term Parental Responsibility or Residence Order as used by English/Scottish courts does not equate sole custody. Please contact the Passport Office if you have any questions regarding this.

If one parent is not living in the UK and therefore cannot give consent on page 3 of the application form, please follow the guidelines below:

Online consent (NemID required) : please click here

Parents, who do not have NemID: must go to a Danish Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence to give consent by filling in the consent form on page 3 of the passport application form. The Embassy/Consulate will then forward the consent together with a copy of his/her passport (with signature page) to the Embassy in London.

Lost Passports

If the existing passport has been lost/stolen, you should also submit the following documents:

  • Photo-ID and proof of CPR-number, if any. If you have a copy of your current passport, please bring this.
  • Police report (the theft should be reported to a Police Station in the locality where the passport was stolen) or Crime Reference Number.

A declaration must be completed at the Embassy stating the circumstances under which the passport was lost/stolen.

Make an appointment

You will need an appointment at the Passport Office to apply for a new/renew a passport. When using the system for the first time you will need to create a new user account via the link in the square, before you can make a booking. When you have booked the appointment a confirmation email will be sent to your email address (it will not be shown on the screen at the end of the booking).

To make an appointment please click here (appointments can be booked up to 3 weeks ahead).

Please note that appointments cannot be booked by telephone through the Passport or Information Office.

If you require an emergency passport at the same time because your child's existing passport has been lost, stolen or damaged or it is his/her first passport and you are travelling before you receive the new passport, please call the Embassy's Reception for an appointment on 0207 333 0200 Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 16.00. Choose "contact the Embassy's Reception".

If you experience technical problems when trying to book a passport appointment (please also see the first paragraph above), these can sometimes be resolved by changing Internet browser. If this does not solve your problem please contact the Embassy's Reception on 0207 333 0200  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 16.00. Choose "contact the Embassy's Reception".

Processing times

Passports are issued in Denmark and take approximately 3-4 weeks to process.

Collection of passports

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00 - 12.00., Thursday 13.00 - 15.00. No appointment is necessary. A parent can collect his/her child's passport by bringing his/her own passport. If any other person, including the child under 18, wishes to collect the passport, a Power of Attorney signed by one of the parents is required.

Please note that if you apply for a passport in Denmark or any Danish mission abroad and you wish to collect it from this Embassy or any Danish Consulate or Vice-Consulate in the UK there will be a charge of £24.00.

The passport must be collected within 60 days from the date when you are notified by the Embassy that it is ready for collection. Failure to collect the passport within this period may result in cancellation of the document.

If you prefer to have the new passport sent to  you by Special Delivery, there will be an additional fee of £6.50 to cover postage.

How to get to the Danish Embassy in London

Nearest underground stations are Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line) and Sloane Square (District and Circle Lines). 

Wheelchair access can be arranged - please contact the Embassy in advance.

Telephone Enquiries

The Passport Office can be contacted on 0207 333 0200 Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 14.00-15.00 except Danish Public Holidays and British Bank Holidays.