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Great Nordic Feast


20-22 October 2017

The Great Nordic Feast invites everyone to experience the best tastes from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. The feast will also feature the cuisine from some of the more unknown Nordic countries such as the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

A collaboration of renowned chefs and gastronomic experts from across the Nordic regions and the UK will combine their skills to serve up a creative Nordic eating experience for all food lovers. The autumn feast will be infused with Nordic flora, talks and music and the cooking will take place using traditional Nordic techniques, inside Scandinavian style tipi tents over an open fire in the middle of each tipi, located on Southbank Centre’s Festival Terrace.

The Nordic Feast allows guests to get up close and personal with the wonders of the Nordic cuisine all the while the renowned and immensely skillfuls chefs and culinaries talk, bake or cook away.

Tickets for both days are on sale now!

Inside the tents
You can take a seat for Nordic Artisan Breakfast in the mornings or The Nordic Feast for a fire-cooked lunch or dinner. Find out what makes the Nordic lifestyle so desirable, and how the Nordic kitchen embeds values like equality, sustainability and openness into both food and health.

Nordic Artisan Breakfast
Savour traditional Nordic food with tasty spreads and different butters, bread, artisan cheese, jams, berry drinks, cured meats and sausages, scrambled eggs, hot and cold porridge made with healthy Nordic grains alongside a range of coffee and tea.

It’s all prepared using traditional Nordic cooking techniques and served as a 'smorgasbord'.

You can also join in on creative talks and get a chance to bake bread sticks with your children during this 75-minute morning boost.

Friday and Saturday’s breakfasts will be lead by Lena Flaten (Sweden) and Richard Nystad (Norway).

On Friday our guest breakfast chefs will be Niklas Ekstedt (Sweden) and baker Gusti (Iceland), our host will be chef Lisa Lemke.

On Saturday our guest breakfast chefs will Sébastien Boudet (Sweden & France) and chef Fia Gulliksson (Sweden), the host will be Lisa Lemke (Sweden).

Sunday’s guest chefs will be ”The Boy who bakes” blogger Edd Kimber (UK) and baker Sebastien Boudet (Sweden & France) and chef Lisa Lemke will host the event.

Nordic Feast
Stare into the open fire as two chefs and a baker from the Nordics and the UK combine gastro talents in this creative dining experience.

Prepare yourself for a feast based on Nordic ingredients, which includes three savoury dishes, one dessert, salads and special breads made by one of the Nordic bakers.

Friday’s Feast will be hosted by Team Sweden, Faroe Islands & Iceland. Signature dishes from Titti Qvarnström (Sweden), Keri Moss (UK), Ylfa Helgadóttir (Iceland), Mariana Leivaditaki (UK & Greece), Anna Rubeksen (Faroe Islands) and Sam Clark (UK).

Saturday’s feast will be hosted by Team Denmark, Greenland & Norway. Signature dishes from Mette Hælbeck (Denmark), Marie Hertz (Denmark), Selin Kiazim (UK), Kistannguaq Simonsen (Greenland), Heidi Bjerkan(Norway) and Jess Murphy (Ireland & New Zealand)

Sunday’s Feast will be hosted by Team Finland, Åland and some additional guests. Signature dishes from Kim Woodward (UK), Helena Puolokka (Finland & UK), Johanna Dahlgren (Åland Islands).

There is also a full bar available.