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Morten Søndergaard's Wall Of Dreams

Morten Søndergaard is a critically acclaimed poet and artist. Søndergaard has attended the Danish Writer’s School in Copenhagen, he holds an MA in Comparative Literature, and since his breakthrough in 1998 with Bees Die Sleeping he has been widely published and celebrated in literary circles both in Denmark and abroad. With his poety-installation Wall of Dreams, Søndergaard will light up the Royal Festival Hall during London Literature Festival, providing a different perspective to the international migrant crisis and inspire spectators during the festival.
Wall of Dreams is a large-scale visual projection. It will be projected onto the Royal Festival Hall building and it has been produced in collaboration with Morten Søndergaard and UK poets Kayo Chingonyi and Jasmine Cooray. The poets have been working with refugee communities in London, Greece and Italy to discover what their dreams and aspirations for the future are.
Spectators will find it difficult to turn their heads away from the enormous projection of dreams, and quickly one will realise that their dreams are not so different from ones own.
The project mirrors a previous Søndergaard work in which he interviewed inhabitants of a council estate on the outskirts of Copenhagen about their dreams and created a permanent installation based on their responses. That work is now a landmark of the neighbourhood and received numerous awards in Denmark.
The Wall of Dreams projection will be visible on the Royal Festival Hall from 13 October to 1 November, and it is absolutely free of charge.