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London Literature Festival

London Literature Festival is back for the 11th time, and for 20 consequtive days, you can enjoy world class poetry and literary experiences under the main theme of the festival which is 'World on the Brink'

Throughout the festival, writers, poets and literary personalities from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the rest of the North will join British contemporaries as part of Nordic Matters, with the middle weekend dedicated to showcasing the brightest talents from across the nordic region.

There are five Danish poets and authors partaking in the festival: Morten Søndergaard, Dorthe Nors, Christina Hesselholdt, Kim Leine and Thomas Rydahl.

The festival will also host talks and readings with international stars such as Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Philip Pullman and Annie Leibovitz.

Along the star-studded and multinational programme, a live reading of Nelson Mandela's memoirs encapsulates the focus of this years London Literature Festival, which is exploring how literature and poetry can remind us of our shared humanity in a world on the brink.

Morten Søndergaard's Wall of Dreams will open the festival with a grand scale projection on the Royal Festival Hall on 13 October. You can read more about the Wall of Dreams in the subcategory listed to the left.