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Nordic Matters 2017

Nordic Matters photo: Southbank Centre.

Nordic Matters is a year-long exploration of Nordic arts and culture throughout 2017. This year's programme embeds Nordic culture and artists to allow visitors and spectators to experience art from Nordic regions such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This is the first time that Southbank Centre has programmed a year-long festival dedicated to one region of the world and around a third of artists, authors and performers participating in events at Southbank Centre during 2017 will be from the Nordic region.

A particular emphasis will be placed on three main themes influenced by Nordic identity and society: play fostering curiosity and creativity, for people of all ages but especially children and young people; sustainability; and gender equality. Audiences will be able to experience and explore this cultural connection through an extensive programme of music, dance, theatre, literature, spoken word, design, visual art, talks & debates, fashion and food.

Danish acts at Nordic Matters include a site instillation of poet Morten Søndergaard’s “Wall of Dreams”, film screening by visual artist Jesper Just, folk music duo Andreas Tophøj and Rune Barslund and a Lego play workshop. Other Danish acts include the first iteration outside the Nordic region of contemporary music festival Nordic Music Days.

See this overview of events that feature Danish entries during Nordic Matters:

13 November to 01 December - London Literature Festival

20 October to 22 October - Nordic Feast

28 September to 01 November - Nordic Music Days

24 November to 26 November - Being a Man Festival