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Shakespeare Anniversary 2016

William Shakespeare is generally regarded as the world's greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent playwright and dramatist. His dramatic pieces are set in many different places around Europe, most famously, perhaps, the tragedy of Prince Hamlet in the Kingdom of Denmark.

The Chandos Portrait, attributed to John Taylor c. 1600s. National Portrait Gallery, London.

The story of Hamlet comes from the legend of Amleth which figures in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum written in the 13th century. It is very likely to have been one of Shakespeare's most popular works of drama in his own day, and is without a doubt one of his most performed pieces in the world, being ranked as the number one performed piece by the Royal Shakespeare Company and its predecessors in Shakespeare's home town Stratford-upon-Avon since 1879.

The Danish Shakespeare Company HamletScenen will in 2016 contribute to the world's celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, and at the same time celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world's oldest Shakespeare performance tradition at Hamlet's Castle, Kronborg, in Elsinore. This will be a unique double-anniversary, which will also mark the start of HamletScenen's progressive national and international activities.

Shakespeare festival at Hamlet's Castle

In this fantastic double-anniversary year, the Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet's Castle will be expanded over three weeks – and presents a cornucopia of international Shakespeare productions, all of which are specially handpicked to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the tradition. In true festival tradition, "Shakespeare Open Air Cinema" and "Shakespeare in Concert" will also be on the program.

The Shakespeare Anniversary in Elsinore

In addition to the Shakespeare Festival and Shakespeare Puppets, HamletScenen's special contribution to this magnificent anniversary year will focus particularly on the start of the anniversary year, Shakespeare's birthday on 23 April, and a special Christmas show in December, in which the Hamlet Family will invite you to an unusual Christmas event.

As well as HamletScenen's own contribution, a large number of the theatre's associates will contribute a spectrum of exciting Shakespearean cultural activities in Elsinore and the surrounding area.

This page will be updated with information about Danish Shakespeare events in the UK this year.
Photo: Shakespeare Puppets, HamletScenen