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Danish expatriates in the UK

It is easy to settle in Great Britain and Danes are welcome with only few formalities.

Besides the Embassy and the Trade Council, Danish banks, lawyers, accountants and transport companies are able to provide counselling and reduce problems to a minimum.

Educational requirements are similar to the Danish requirements. However, the working environment diverges from the Danish. The physical framework is not that impressing especially in the areas within health and teaching. The educational level is mostly under the Danish standard level and the hierarchical relationship between teacher and student is characteristic. Private schools flourish.

The tax level is lower than in Denmark and bonuses are widespread.

Great Britain is in general an expensive country. However, food and some consumer goods are relatively cheap. Transport and good hotels are expensive compared to Denmark.

Real estates, especially in the area of London and other desirable parts of the country are particularly high and the housing quality does not reach the Danish conditions and expectations. A moderate typical British townhouse at 125 m2 easily costs around DKK 50.000, in rent per week in London. If you move outside the city the price decreases but the travel time increases. The Brits spend around 40% more travel time to work than other EU-citizens. Public transportation does not function smoothly and travel time to and from work above three hours is not uncommon.

It is advised to make a private health insurance and use private hospitals and doctors. The public health is overloaded and waiting time and the professional level is not always satisfying. The private services are particularly expensive.

In order to secure the best possible education, many foreign children are enrolled in private schools. One year’s schooling on an acknowledged private school in London, including uniforms costs between DKK 80.000 and DKK 200.000.

There are many Danes resided in Great Britain. The specific numbers are unknown since many Danes do not have registration requirement in Great Britain. There is a Danish church, a Danish club and a Danish-British chamber of commerce in London.

London and other big cities have a rich and wide-ranging cultural life. There is an impressing offering of music and theatre.