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A celebration of architecture and urban planning, London, June 2017

Photo: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

More and more people live in ever larger cities around the world. It creates a host of challenges, and it has put the question of how to create liveable cities for all on top of the international agenda. 

To help further the discussion, the Danish Embassy in UK organises The Liveable City conference in partnership with leading UK stakeholders. Denmark has a long tradition of creating beautiful cities with healthy residents and a high quality of living, and The Liveable City conference will be a celebration of great achievements in architecture and urban planning.

The Danish Embassy in the UK invites businesses, politicians, professionals and the general public to take part in the conference’s many talks, seminars and debates. With this Danish-British dialogue, we aim at inspiring each other to find new ways in which our cities can become better places in which to live, work and play.

The event is part of the London Festival of Architecture.

The seminars are as follows:

Tuesday, 13 June:

8.30 am - 12.00 pm: Masterplanning – Putting People First

12.30 pm – 4 pm: Housing – Improving Social Housing

Wednesday, 14 June:

8.30 am – 12 pm: Air quality – Creating a Healthier City

12.30 pm – 4 pm: Smart City – Efficiency Through Big Data and Supporting Technologies

5 pm – 7.30 pm: Cycling and mobility – Creating Cities in Motion

Thursday, 15 June:

8.30 am – 12 pm: Climate Adaptation – Creating Flood Resilient Urban Areas

12.30 pm – 4 pm: Education and Liveability – Creating the Best Learning Environment

Friday, 16 June:

8.30 pm – 12 pm: District Heating – Delivering Affordable Heat

Please, RSVP to by writing Liveable City in the subject line, and let us know which seminar(s), you’re attending as well as your affiliation.