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Offshore Wind 2012

Tuesday 4 December 2012, Danish Embassy, Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9SR

On Tuesday 4 December the Danish Embassy in London hosted a seminar that included an overview of current and future developments in UK offshore wind industry. The seminar provided answers to what we can expect in 2013 in terms of policy developments, market opportunities and technical advances. 


Danish Embassy
Anne H. Steffensen, Ambassador

Office for Renewable Energy Deployment - Department of Energy and Climate Change
Markets and Policy update (Click here to download presentation)
Allan Taylor, Assistant Director

MPI Offshore
The Challenge of Installing Turbines in Deeper Waters (Click here to download presentation)
Paul F. Gibson, Chairman

Centrica Renewable Energy Limited
Centrica and Developments in UK Offshore Wind (Presentation not available)
Laura Jeff, Head of Development

REpower Systems SE
Experience with the design, manufacture, test and commercialisation of the Repower 6M turbine (Click here to download presentation)
Norbert Giese, Vice President Offshore Development

National Grid
Conecting Offshore Wind farms (Click here to download presentation)
John Twomey, Offshore Connections Manager, Transmission Network Services

Alstom Grid
Offshore Wind Farm Projects (Click here to download presentation)
Ian Mould, Business Manager

DONG Energy
The Cost of Energy challenge - how to achieve industrialized processes (Presentation not available)
Thomas Brostrøm, Head of Project Development UK

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