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What we do

The Communication, Culture and Public Diplomacy Section work to promote Danish arts and culture in the United Kingdom, as well as facilitate direct cultural exchanges and projects between Danish and UK artists, cultural institutions and stakeholders.

Our goal is to ensure the highest possible quality and best visibility for Danish arts and artists, including securing the right partnerships with British cultural institutions, artistic collaborators and stakeholders. 

Embassy Art Prize: An annual art competition for Danish art students in Britain, giving the winner the possibility of exhibiting at the Embassy in London.

Among our services are:

  • Advice about general guidelines for Denmark’s international Cultural Exchange programmes, as well as counselling in regards to specific Danish-British cultural collaborations and exchange projects.
    Advice about professional networks and match-making between specific Danish and British artists and cultural stakeholders.
  • Advice about public and private funding opportunities.
  • Advice about artist residency opportunities for Danish artists and curators in the United Kingdom, and for British artists and curators in Denmark.
  • Visiting programmes to Denmark for British press and cultural stakeholders (e.g. museum curators, festival directors and programmers, journalists and bloggers), including financial travel support. By individual invitation only.
  • Lending out DVDs of recent Danish feature films, short films and documentaries for the Danish representations to distribute among EU film festivals and other local, non-commercial film events. The films cannot be used for TV, VOD or similar screenings. Only a token fee covering the expenses related to a screening is allowed.
  • Promotion of cultural projects and events on our various digital and social media platforms, including our electronic newsletter, Facebook and Twitter, as well as press outreach, publicity and media relations for cultural projects (for select projects only).
  • Cultural grants and financial support on a modest scale in the form of “seed money” for new cultural projects and collaborations. Available for professional artists and cultural stakeholders only.

Danish Made: Graduates from three Danish design schools exhibited their furniture design at Tent during London Design Festival 2014.

To be considered for a cultural grant from the Royal Embassy of Denmark in London, you must submit a specific application to the Embassy, consisting of a brief but concise project proposal, including an outline of participating artists, partnerships and stakeholders, as well as a budget outline detailing estimated expenses and income for the project under consideration.

When considering individual applications for funding, we follow the general guidelines and current focus areas outlined by The Action Plan of The International Culture Panel: 2014-16 (The action plan is in Danish, but please see page 4 for a summary in English). 

Who's The Creator? Designer Tilde Bay Kristoffersen and curator Ditte Marie Lund contributed to a Danish-Norwegian exhibition at British Council's International Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week 2015.

Due to a very high volume of requests and our limited time and resources, we are not in a position to assist everyone asking for our services. Decisions about who receives advice, as well as the scope and extent of our advice in specific cases, are made on the basis of on-going, individual project evaluations. We strive to assist as many artist and cultural stakeholders as possible, as well as to ensure the shortest possible response time.

The Liveable City: A Danish-British architecture and urban planning conference in Manchester in 2014, planned in collaboration with the Trade Council and British partners.

As a point of departure, we do not charge fees for our advice and services in Cultural Diplomacy. However, there may be areas of overlap with the commercial activities of our Trade Council, particularly within the fields of design, architecture and fashion, which may lead us to define a specific project as falling under the payment program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  If in doubt whether such consultancy fees apply to your specific project, please feel free to contact us for preliminary advice.

Nordicana: Ambassador Claus Grube introduces a screening of the television series 1864 at the 2015 Nordicana festival, which celebrates 'Nordic Noir' film and television.