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Guide: Visit a Danish city in 2016

Following Wallpaper’s updated Copenhagen guide, we provide extra tips for this year’s Danish experience.

“From the minute you land at Kastrup, arguably the worlds’s finest airport, to the time you depart, you will eat, shop and sleep in style, effortlessly”. So reads the introduction for the renowned Wallpaper City Guide’s updated Copenhagen book.

While the Danish capital remains a must-visit destination, the country’s other cities also offer much variety for travellers of all types. We take a look at some of them for you to start planning this year’s city breaks.

Denmark’s second largest city and European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus offers internationally renowned museums, innovative architecture, culinary experiences of the highest order, a young and buzzing atmosphere, clubbing, shopping, beautiful nature close by and much more.

We recommend: The Latin Quarter.

The Iceberg is an apartment building in the new harbour quarter Aarhus East.

Hans Christian Andersen’s home town in which the famous author’s influence can still be felt with attractions including his birthplace in Hans Jensen's Street. The city is also home to independent shops, lots of museums and a thriving creative scene.

We recommend: Brandts Arts Centre

Lights in Brandts passage in Odense at night.

A rapidly developing city that has always had a knack for a good time. The annual Carnival is Northern Europe’s biggest, Jomfru Ane Gade is a legendary party street, and fine art is brought to the people through the opera festival and arts centres like Kunsten and Utzon Center, both of which are architectural attractions.

We recommend: Utzon Center.

Is it a bird? Is it a man? It’s the Aalborg Carnival!

In the Southernmost part of the Jutland peninsula, not far from the German border, lays Sønderborg. Recently lauded in The Guardian for its zero carbon plan, the city is both forward-thinking and very much in touch with its past. Highlights include the sites of the 1864 war, made famous in the TV series of same name, the beautiful nature around Flensborg Firth, Sønderborg Castle and Graasten Palace, the royal holiday home.

We recommend: Historic Battlefield Centre Dybbøl Banke.

Sønderborg has a picturesque location by the Flensborg Firth.