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Danish Embassy Art Prize

The Danish Embassy Art Prize is an annual art competition for Danish art students in the UK. The recipient of the prize will have the unique possibility of exhibiting at the Royal Danish Embassy in London.

Danish Embassy Art Prize is an annual prize-giving event for UK-based artists from Denmark. It aims to showcase emerging artists, and is open to BA and MA students from Denmark studying at or recently graduated from UK-based art programmes (up to 24 months following graduation). Previous recipients of the prize include Birk Thomassen, Mads Holm, Eva Lerche- Lerchenborg, Ragna Mouritzen, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Christian Brehms, Maja Theodoraki, Robin Monies, Lars Birk, Wendy Plovmand, Mathilde Jensen and Janne Malmros.

The recipient of the Danish Embassy Art Prize will be offered an exhibition at the Royal Danish Embassy in London for the duration of one year. As part of this, an opening reception will be organised for the artist. Furthermore, the recipient will receive £1000 towards the materials, installation and transport costs of their exhibition.

Previous winners of the Embassy Art Prize:

2018 Bastian Birk Thusen: 
2017 Birk Thomassen:
2016 Mads Holm
2015 Eva Lerche-Lerchenborg
2014 Ragna Mouritzen
2013 Asger Harbou Gjerdevik
2012 Christian R. Brems
2012 Maja Theodoraki
2011 Robin Monies
2011 Lars Birk
2010 Wendy Plovmand
2009 Mathilde Jensen
2009 Janne Malmros