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Rosenbaums Rescue

Rosenbaums Rescue
Park Theatre, London
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75 years ago, when Alexander Bodin Saphir's Jewish grandfather was measuring the suit for a high-ranking Nazi officer, he got a lifesaving tip-off - that the Nazis were planning the deportation of all the Jews in Denmark. Now Saphir has written a play about the event, premiering in London in January 2019.

Rosenbaum's Rescue is a moving, sharp and intriguing story about two childhood friends and one of history's most compelling mysteries: How did thousands of Jews from Denmark escape the grasp of such a powerful war machine during World War II?

The play takes place on Hanukkah, 2001. Lars and Abraham have not seen eye to eye for decades. Lars’ relentless pursuit of the truth concerning the flight of Danish Jews during WWII challenges Abraham’s faith, patience and memories. And when an old secret surfaces and threatens the very foundation of their relationship, fact starts to blur with fiction.

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