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Workshops with Kia Utzon-Frank

Workshops with Kia Utzon-Frank
Homerton, London
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Kia Utzon-Frank is a Danish goldsmith, designer, inventor and cake maker. She is the founder of the multidisciplinary design brand KUFstudios, where she comes up with new projects by experimenting with materials, transformation, light, and everything else that catches her interest.

Kia Utzon-Frank regularly offers workshops within the creative field, and twice in December she will be hosting greeting card workshops. This workshop will offer the chance to explore three-dimensional visual effects in the form of pop up cards - an intriguing advancement of the more traditional greeting cards. Using simple japanese kirigami (structured cuts and folds) participants will create personalised greeting cards with a contemporary twist. Templates will be available, but you will also learn to design your own.

The workshop is adjusted to suit different difficulty levels and skills so every participant will be met (and challenged) at their level and leave with their own handmade cards. They are an introduction to a different way of approaching “the flat paper” by exploring the transformation of shape and is rewarding and inspiring for both beginners with no background in design and professional designers.

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