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Anglo Saxon Kingdoms exhibition

Anglo Saxon Kingdoms exhibition
British Library
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600 years. 180 spectacular treasures. A once-in-a-generation exhibition.

Discover the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms with their links to Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Through archaeological objects, charters and manuscripts, some of which are returning to England for the first time, the exhibition will feature famous figures such as King Alfred the Great and King Cnut the Great.

The people of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms tell their story in their own words: You can go explore the beginning of the English language and English literature. Read some of the earliest-surviving words inscribed in English on objects large and small. Come face-to-face with the first letter written in English and manuscripts of Old English poetry and prose, like the story of Beowulf, the hero who helped the king of the Danes defeat monsters.

You can also discover finely crafted metalwork and sculpture unearthed in recent times and see the deep artistic connections between Anglo-Saxon England and its European neighbours.

Many books were produced during this period, but few survive – this is your opportunity to follow the journeys of these magnificent manuscripts, now brought together for this major exhibition.

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