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A Very Very Very Dark Matter

A Very Very Very Dark Matter
Bridge Theatre, London
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United Kingdom

Bridge Theatre, London

We all know Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, but this new play by Martin McDonagh will present a new, dark story about the famous Danish author: In a townhouse in Copenhagen works Hans Christian Andersen, a teller of exquisite and fantastic children’s tales beloved by millions. But the true source of his stories dwells in his attic upstairs, her existence a dark secret kept from the outside world.

As dangerous, twisted and funny as his National Theatre and Broadway hit The Pillowman, Martin McDonagh’s new play travels deep into the abysses of the imagination.

The Bridge Theatre focuses on the commissioning and production of new shows, as well as staging the occasional classic. It is the first wholly new theatre of scale to be added to London’s commercial theatre sector in 80 years.


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