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Henrik Vibskov - The Onion Farm

Henrik Vibskov - The Onion Farm
Tapestries Gallery, V&A
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United Kingdom

Ready for an interactive experience in a beautiful setting? Danish designer Henrik Vibskov has a big upcoming installation in the Victoria & Albert Museum: The Onion Farm.

Placed in the Tapestries Gallery, The Onion Farm will be around 25 metres long, built as a Mikado-like structure that spins along the gallery. The Tapestries Gallery is a long, narrow room kept dark to preserve the Medieval tapestries on display. The dim lighting in the gallery inspired Henrik Vibskov with the idea of something growing in the dark.

As with many of Vibskov’s installations, everyday objects are put together in a new way to give viewers a point of recognition. In this piece, fabric onions are hanging in the dark in a structure with industrial brushes to simulate the natural conditions they grow in. The brushes, with their large circles of prickly hairs, create a vibrating membrane along the structure. While the tapestries cannot be touched, except by restorers, The Onion Farm is meant to be interactive; visitors are invited to touch and move through it as they walk along the gallery.

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