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Danish artists at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Danish artists at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Various venues all over Edinburgh
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With thousands of shows and hundreds of venues, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival on earth. And this year is special as the festival celebrates its 70th anniversary with an inspiring celebration of the best performance and entertainment from every part of our planet.

Different Danish events will appear at this year’s festival. From the critically acclaimed stage version of Janne Teller’s award-winning novel Nothing, over dancing duo DON GNU's enchanting mix of dance, physical theatre and circus to Sofie Hagen's third show Dead Baby Frog, the Danish artists are represented in a wide range of genres at the festival.

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The stage version of Janne Teller's Nothing,an existential young adult novel, tells the story about 13-year-old Pierre-Anthon who one day declares that there is no meaning to life. Determined to prove him wrong, his school classmates start to give up things of importance and pile them in "the heap of meaning". As everyone in the class is forced to participate, a scary group dynamic starts to develop because the more painful the sacrifice is, the more meaning it has… right?

In A Snowball’s Chance in Helldancing duo Don and Gnu throw themselves into the iconic universe of silent films from a time with specks of white dust on the screen and Charlie Chaplin on the loose – but can they manage to stay within the frame? An intimate, entertaining and expressive performance, where dance, video, music and audience interaction come together. Be drawn into a world of simple human conflicts, failures and successes, where it is impossible not to laugh at the clown within ourselves.

Danish comedian Sofie Hagen will once again take the stage at the festival with her third show Dead Baby Frog from 2 to 28 August, which is a show about anger - and a funeral. Tackling taboo subjects with charm, razor-sharp timing and a hugely likeable personality, Danish comedian Sofie Hagen is revered in her home country and across the UK, and this show is absolutely a must-see.

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